About The Rumour Mule

The Rumour Mule is a Scottish-based news publication dedicated to getting the news to you first, regardless of the source. We aim to have every story online at least an hour before it happens, thus keeping you in the driving seat when it comes to interactive news coverage.

Please feel free to link the hell out of any articles from The Rumour Mule which you find useful or enlightening and be sure to let us know if you come across any hugely significant stories which have yet to actually happen.

You can contact us at oddmule@gmail.com

The Rumour Mule: News from the future – in the present.


Walter Storey and The Rumour Mule team

3 Responses to About The Rumour Mule

  1. ledinghammer says:

    wheres the subscribe button???!? I NEED TO SUBSCRIBE LADDIE!!!!

  2. Rust says:

    Wattie, what a whimsical way to wonder upon the world!

    Futrure news. Now!

    Careful mind, this is how the baddie in Tomorrow Never Dies gets started…’Media-mogul-megalomaniac goes Mental’ is tomorrow’s top…ah pish….

  3. murp says:

    Isn’t that a picture of a horse?

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